Hello my name is Mark and I am a passionate Technology & Marketing Professional.

I enjoy working in the analytical and creative fields of technology. My goal is to make small businesses work better and look the best they can be online.

I am located in Orange County, CA and have lived in worked in California and parts of the Southern U.S.

I have worked in many fields of technology from small to mid-size to large businesses. Throughout my career I have always enjoyed working as a consultant and decided to make it a full time pursuit in order to have a better life that would enable me to enjoy my work, my family, and my life and ensure they were in sync.

During my career I worked as a consultant helping small businesses grow, designed websites, created business cards, social marketing companies, and helping them with hardware & software needs. Questions or Comments, contact me.

I have always believed that with perseverance, dedication, and drive great things can be achieved.

Semper Fi
Mark Arambula