Getting Creative Installing InCompatible Apps like Best Fiends on Android RCA Pro 10 Tablet

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The RCA Pro 10 was a bargain from Walmart on Black Friday. I just love deals and this was a steal as it even came with a keyboard. I know many others that have bought it and said the same but I found it behaves in an odd way with certain apps. Once in a while a nice break in the work life is great to relieve stress with a game or two or three! But hey lets keep it contained. We all have our favorite games on our tablets and phones.

One game that could not be installed very easily on my tablet was “Best Fiends”. The Google Play store kept saying “Device is not compatible” when I tried to install via there website.

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Then I tried on my device and it appeared to install but was just stuck’, well in technical terms it was downloading but did not appear to have all the files in order and the apk file was not working. It just said “Downloading” and I left it for at least 15 minutes, and this was the 3rd attempt after a full factory reset 2x.

Now the RCA Pro 10 has Android version 4.1 on it or higher so that was compatible based on the manufacturer. I thought maybe it was the graphics chip in it. So I tested it on another device with Android 4.1, a phone. It work right away.

OK so then I did some research and found an article that was very detailed and had a very funny title, “An Angry German Reviews the RCA Pro 10 Series Android Tablet“. Basically the phone appears to be a version 1 of the OpenGL ES. Based on further research it appeared that the games required at least a OpenGL ES of version 2. This information was found at Captain Droid‘s website with a search of the game under Technical Characteristics.

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I could of performed a diagnostic and ran an OpenGL ES app on the tablet or rooted it but I didnt want to go that route. Especially since I was tired of troubleshooting and wanted to find a workaround for at least now so I could play. So then I found another article that stated that a few people tried installing games and they had trouble as well at Zynga Player Forums, . One person tried the Amazon App store and it worked.
So I went off to Amazon. I downloaded the Best Fiends app via thier Amazon app store and it worked, but of course with one kink. It downloaded, popped up with the ‘do you want to open and play now’ prompt, and a rotating circle came up and sat there for at least 15 minutes. I figured that should of completed by now. The tablet froze though so I restarted it, went into the settings and apps, it showed it was running, i stopped it manually, then backed out launched the app and it played just fine.ft8bp61txidjda67qqv6

Now we are “Good to Go”.

Author: Mark Arambula
Date:     09/28/15



Additional Note: Now as a security conscious tech person I knew going in that using the Amazon Underground app would open the device up to unnecessary privacy issues, such as access to address book and sms messages, so I have it setup on a extra tablet with no sensitive personal information on it, a secondary restricted account with minimal information on it, no contacts, sms, or other info synced. Just a plain old fun device for games so if it crashes I’ll just re-format it again.


2 thoughts on “Getting Creative Installing InCompatible Apps like Best Fiends on Android RCA Pro 10 Tablet”

  1. This article really helped me get my tablet fixed up. I had a hard time and just gave up but tried this and it worked! Thanks for taking the time to write a funny but informative post. — Matt

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed adding humor to a boring subject, most tech articles are plain text and not so fun to read all the way through without some fun pics to make it easier on the eyes!


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